The art of preceding words…

 The logo, your original brand image

The logo of your firm is a vehicle for your values, for your operations and for what makes you stand out in the crowd. It makes a contribution to your strategy and must be designed to last. A logo generally comes coupled with a graphic charter, which comprises recommendations regarding typography, colours and versions for all types of medium. A charter ensures optimal visibility for your logo. Subtle work which requires experience and detachment.

Image, making the penny drop

Shaping and maintaining an image, bringing your messages to life, adjusting material precisely for different media – “the first impression your prospect forms of you is decisive”.

Art’s first steps...

Our designers and graphics people develop advertising tools for all types of printed material (catalogues, sales brochures, stationery, press advertisements, invitations, flyers, posters, etc.), and electronic files suitable for all types of advertising, ads sent by email, on the web, via mobile media, etc. Monitoring of work is obviously part of the management of every project.

Tools at your disposal…

The Sixty-Six advertising agency has been able to develop, during the course of its numerous assignments, a remarkable faculty for listening and empathising. This asset drives our ability to identify, in succession, with the perspective of the prospect and with that of the client, and to come up with, after a meticulous study carried out beforehand, ideas that are vital in terms of obtaining the most relevant advertising angle, the creative concept around which all of the campaign will be built.

Advertising campaigns are examined from the widest possible perspective. Weighing up strategic issues in their globality enables you plan ahead, to lay down foundations for the long term. Thus the resulting action plan incorporates a target market and precise aims, and it takes your budget and your stated priorities into consideration.

Strategic and concrete understanding

Lay down solid foundations in order to analyse, give meaning, address global strategic issues, put forward
concrete solutions and provide optimum assistance.

Global approach

Adopting a winning strategy equates to enabling a firm to acquire a competitive advantage! It is important to
manage to maintain it and to use it to create value…a must for your brand image!

A coordinated action plan which can be developed

Coming up with tools in line with aims, unleashing their potential effectively – an advertising plan comes with
precise measures which can be developed quickly.


Drawing up, structuring, producing, to achieve the objective laid down, to the initial deadline and to the initial budget.
A project manager compiles and coordinates your action plan and measures, in conjunction with you, the project’s
impact and return on investment.

Your exclusive partner…

The project manager stays in contact with you throughout the course of your project. He or she manages work and coordinates out-of-house service providers (printers, advertising sales departments, the media, etc.). This exclusive relationship facilitates better understanding and enables solutions which are truly in line with your aims.

Cultivating your contacts...

The main aim of direct marketing is to establish a sustainable dialogue with your potential, current or old customers. To optimise the impact of the process, it is vital that the specific marketing needs of each firm be addressed. We put an array of skills and know-how in very specific fields at your disposal:

Relevant strategic analysis

To ensure that a direct marketing campaign is effective.

Customer relationship management

Do you really know what your demographic is?

Choice of channels

Reaching your customers and prospects where they work, rest and play and giving them the option of responding.

Drawing-up of commercial offers

Because results depend to a large degree on the choice of offer.

 Selection of the appropriate service providers

Since results must meet your requirements.

Return on investment

Measure your risks and we will share them.

In advertising, you have to mention effectiveness!
Whenever possible, we employ indicators, in order to measure the impact of activities carried out and to estimate their return.

Number of clicks,

page impressions and contacts for an online campaign..

Effective sales

or contacts made following a direct marketing activity.

Growth of sales

in a shop or contacts.

Direct feedback

from customers.

Advertising without borders…

Using the services of a network of experienced copy rewriters and translators, we will make sure that your campaigns make waves, both nationally and internationally! And if the original message is in German or in English, we will create an advertisement in French which will be perfectly received by your target demographics.

Creating a presence where people spend their time…

We are in a position to provide you with local, national and international planning.

Press, internet, direct mail and email, social networks, phone, television, radio, cinema – each media constitutes a different method of communication and offers a multitude of possibilities.

We will determine the best option for you, so that your message unfailingly reaches its intended audience, in a precise manner, thus optimising each penny of your advertising budget.To get your message out there, we define the various demographics in question in a thorough manner, as regards the overall target market, the core target market or the fringes of your demographic – whether your demographic is on the web or mobile, a mass or a niche market.

We then choose traditional and emerging media to create the media mix appropriate for your brand. Thanks to this rigorous approach to marketing breakdown, the relationship between your brand and consumers will be transformed into a unique, engaging and durable relationship.

An inter-media comparisonwill initially enable the most effective approaches in relation to your customers to be selected. The aim of intra-media selection, as for it, is to determine the best sub-medium for your campaign within the chosen media. Does something sometimes suddenly attract your attention? This is not necessarily a random occurrence. That “something” was perhaps judiciously positioned in just the right place and was there waiting for you…as is the case here!

An indispensable strategic tool…

Press relations are the vital public relations tool, with the aim of the latter being to build up a trusting, mutually valuing and supporting relationship between a firm, a brand and its various demographics.

Our working method is as follows: we make contact with a journalist, sending a targeted piece of information and a clear message, in the form the journalist requires. The method has a great track record, and today media professionals praise Sixty Six for the professionalism of its staff and the efficiency of the latter’s work.

Brimming with fresh ideas, Sixty-Six will provide you with advice regarding your advertising strategy and puts in place high-performing press relations mechanisms in order to optimise your media coverage – press audits at the start of our relationship and at key points, press releases, press packs, press conferences, interviews by journalists, and so forth. We leverage all of our expertise behind your image.

The future is now…

In web marketing, the tools of tomorrow are often old news before they are even launched!

How can you advertise effectively, taking advantage of the specificities of the internet, of email, of mobile applications and also of social networks? These components of your advertising are carried out in-house at Sixty-Six by seasoned specialists and a network of cutting-edge expertise is mobilised, in order that high-impact marketing tools be the result, for instance…

Website design

From a shop window on the web to a web outlet.

Search engine optimisation

Because nothing can be left to chance on the web.

AdWords campaigns

How do netizens search for what interests you?

Sponsored Links

A well thought-out bonus.


Made-to-measure online advertising campaigns.

Smartphone applications

So that your prospects find you when they want to.

Social networks

Are you part of your customers’ networks?

Your turnkey concept…

To create a relationship of trust with our customers, a dedicated project manager will direct, advise and monitor the entire mandate. Surrounded by a creative team of enthusiastic professionals, we will make sure of the good progress of each of the stages of the project. We will coordinate all internal and external stakeholders in on time and on budget and of course supervise during the event. We direct, motivate, advise and guide, in the sole aim of putting YOUR event together.