About us

Founded in 2002, Sixty-Six has all the skills to ensure a high level service. The agency combines its artistic talent and seductive messages across the range of advertising media. Our team has solid experience, as well as a young and creative spirit, and grasps new technologies with both hands. Mastery of graphic tools and materials, and subtle tones of communication have enabled us to fully satisfy our very demanding clients and to enjoy a solid reputation among companies and renowned institutions. Sixty-six relays the message of his client forcefully without ever losing its style and recognizable signature. The agency exercises its authority over the whole range of advertising media, delivering the most advanced services: consulting and strategy, powerful and innovative graphics, targeted media planning, event, network professionals, press and public relations.

Completely open and transparent, Sixty-Six tunes in to your requirements to create an effective advertising strategy and to handle all the stages of your advertising project, in order to develop your business and strengthen your reputation.

Sixty-six remains a human-sized agency by choice and knows how to surround himself with targeted professional external expertise depending on the needs of our customers.

A company with a sound local base, but also with a structure which allows it to manage large contracts for national and international markets. Quick-reacting, compliance with deadlines; quotes drawn up. Our agency is CSW / ASSP-recognised.

Our strength: availability, motivation, responsiveness, engagement, compliance with deadlines and budgets. Establishment of genuine lasting relationships with our clients